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Creators of Awesome DEMO REELS Taking this stuff next level since 2005

Creators of Awesome DEMO REELS Crankin' it to Eleven since 2005

Philip Winchester

Sizzle Reel

AAHH Fest 2014

Sizzle Reel

Nadine Velazquez

Sizzle Reel

Daniel Stern

“Marc is an excellent filmmaker in his own right, having brought a coherence to my body of work that I never could have done on my own.”

Isabel Lucas

“Marc is a first class editor. He is friendly, patient and professional, time efficient and his final product is simply brilliant.”

Ralph Macchio

“Working with Marc was both collaborative and inspirational. He is the “go-to” guy in his field. Smart choices, creative instincts and a great listener.”

Evan Handler

Californication Sizzle

Paula Patton

Sizzle Reel

Harry Shearer

Career Retrospective

Camilla Belle

Sizzle Reel


Brand Sizzle

Carla Gugino

“Marc is great at what he does: inspired, collaborative, with a great sense of pace and storytelling. A true professional and pleasure to work with!”

Brooke Lyons

Sizzle Reel

Ethan Suplee

Sizzle Reel

William Sadler

Sizzle Reel

Jim Sturgess

“Marc seemed to care as much as I did in putting it together and getting it right, which meant a lot.”

Brooklyn Decker

Publicity Sizzle

Stephanie Szostak

Sizzle Reel

Bill Sage

The best thing about Marc is you’re working with a fellow artist. You are getting a work of art, and not just a demo reel.

Guy Pearce

“Working with Marc was an absolute treat. A very open, creative and inspirational guy. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!!”

Thomas Jane

“Marc is top notch – excellent choices, very fast, and a great bedside manner. First rate.”

Nikki Deloach

“I’ve yet to encounter anyone who comes close to producing quality work like Marc… He is magic.”


Sizzle Reel

Barret Swatek

“From our initial conversation to the final product, I felt like I was in the best hands… and I couldn’t be happier with the final product!”


Marketing 101

A demo reel is your most powerful marketing tool.  Give your team the tools they need to best position you amongst the competition.

No Templates Here!

Be unique.  We showcase your talents while delivering a thoughtful and entertaining final product.  Reels don’t have to be boring!

Future Proof

Resolution is king in a world where phones shoot 4K video.  We source the best quality to give you flexibility on future reel updates.


Do I need to provide my footage?

Leave the sourcing to us.  I once ordered a German BluRay off eBay for a client who supplied a compressed file that had studio watermarks all over it.  We really do go the extra mile to get high resolution files for your reel and it makes a difference.  Plus, it’s only a nominal charge and if we do it you don’t have to!
P.S.  If you were in a short film, pilot that didn’t get picked up or something totally obscure, you’ll have to toss it our way, but we typically leave no stone unturned.

Should I log my footage?

It’s not necessary, but it definitely cuts your costs if you come in with an idea of what scenes you want to use. Even jotting rough time code helps. For example: the bar scene at 26:30 – a small notation like that quickly gets me to the appropriate footage.

My manager told me they need this reel ASAP. Can you have my reel done tomorrow?

Don’t procrastinate people!  Good work takes time and even if we can crank on your project, putting it in front of other clients means we have to work nights and weekends which means it costs you more!  Yeah, boo.  Everything depends on our current work load and the type of reel you want, but a good rule of thumb is most projects take a few weeks. If you have a firm deadline please let us know up front and we will let you know if meeting that deadline is an option.

Why should I choose LA MediaWorks?

Simply put… we care. Our boutique hands-on approach and attention to detail removes the friction and actually makes the process enjoyable. Our previous clients are proof that casting directors and decision makers actually watch reels that are well constructed and play without hassle across any consumption device.


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