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About LA MediaWorks

LA MediaWorks was born in 2005 out of necessity. I was in the belly of the beast, working as a trainee for one of the largest talent agencies in Hollywood. I was sending poorly edited reels, duped several times over with constant quality loss, to major buyers in an attempt to secure jobs for our clients. I was shocked seeing such great work so poorly showcased.

Off the clock and on my own, I worked for weeks to re-digitize, re-imagine, and re-work the client materials that needed the most attention. I presented them to our department head, and with an overwhelmingly positive reaction, my business was born.

Many years later, LA MediaWorks continues to evolve.  Clients resisted doing new reels because gathering up their materials can be a huge task, so I now help clients source all their material in the best resolution available. I don’t edit with a moment in time philosophy, instead, I offer the ultimate flexibility in file delivery and archive digital projects at no cost for on-call updates. Starting from scratch with an editor who isn’t familiar with your work can be time consuming, so I create working relationships with my clients so they come back as their careers grow.

Simply put, I’m a digital media concierge who cares.

The team and I look forward to working with you!


Is to arm you with the necessary tools to disrupt short attention spans and break through the clutter

Getting Started

Send us an email with a bit about yourself and what you are looking to accomplish with your reel. We will look through your filmography, come up with a few suggestions on how to approach your reel, and schedule a phone call to go over everything. Our goal is always to create a reel that highlights your strengths and makes the most out of your material.

Your demo reel is your foot in the door. From a thoughtful assembly to an elegant delivery solution, it represents you and your brand. Every client has a unique resume, and different goals for their reel, so it’s difficult to address cost without first identifying your specific objective.

We’ve listed some services below as a guide for you to gauge where your project will fit with us.  Contact us for a personal quote and we can get started.

Service Guide

An economical option if you want a recent appearance clipped and posted to an online link.  We can capture anything from TV or an online streaming source like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle etc. If you can stream it, we can capture it in excellent uncompressed quality!  4k resolution available for films/shows streaming in that high resolution quality.
What we do: Acquire a single film or episodic, log your scenes, edit them together at your direction, post to a dedicated streamable link and deliver a digital download of your completed file.  The price varies, but starts at $100 and is based on the amount of material (scenes) you need delivered.

Scene Reel
A great option if you want your collection of work digitized and assembled into a concise and organized presentation.
What we do: Acquire footage, log your scenes, edit them together at your direction, re-work based on creative feedback, post to a dedicated streamable link and deliver a digital download of your completed file.

Sizzle Reel
The complete solution. Here we utilize every aspect of your work to educate the buyers on why you are the person they need for their next project.
What we do: Acquire footage, log scenes, choose music and sound design, creatively assemble clips and montages, re-work based on creative feedback, post to a dedicated streamable link and deliver a digital download of your completed file.
Starting around $1,000 averaging $1,750 – $3,000

Hourly Editing Fee
If you’ve got a category busting job that doesn’t play nice with the guidelines above, we can tackle your project on a per hour basis.
$200 per hour – we work from your notes


Do I need to provide my footage?

Leave the sourcing to us.  I once ordered a German BluRay off eBay for a client who supplied a compressed file that had studio watermarks all over it.  We go the extra mile to get high resolution files for your reel and it makes a difference.  Plus, then you don’t have to do it!

But I was in a pilot that never aired / movie that was never released. Can you get that?

Nope.  If you were in a short film, pilot that didn’t get picked up or something totally obscure, you’ll have to send it to us.

Should I log my footage?

It’s not necessary, but it definitely cuts your costs if you come in with an idea of what scenes you want to use. Even jotting rough time code helps. For example: the bar scene at 26:30 – a small notation like that quickly gets me to the appropriate footage.

My manager told me they need this reel ASAP. Can you have my reel done tomorrow?

Don’t procrastinate people!  Good work takes time and even if we can crank on your project, putting it in front of other clients means we have to work nights and weekends which means it costs you more!  Yeah, boo.  Everything depends on our current work load and the type of reel you want, but a good rule of thumb is most projects take a few weeks. If you have a firm deadline please let us know up front and we will let you know if meeting that deadline is an option.

I have an old reel that someone else did. Can you add to it?

We could… but remember the last time you went to a new dentist and they insisted on taking new x-rays? You were sitting there hoping they could just use the ones from your old dentist.  Truth is, we too like to start with a clean slate and, in our case, know we are sourcing the highest resolution material available.  We keep all all your files on backup drives, so if we work on your reel, ongoing updates are quick and cost effective, and there isn’t any quality loss because we are going back to the master timeline for the updates.

Should I bring you my DVD's?

Nope.  If you’ve got Blu-Ray discs on your shelf we can use those, but DVD’s are standard definition… like last Thanksgiving at grandma’s house when the picture on her TV looked all fuzzy and soft… yeah, not good for your awesome reel.

I've got an appearance airing soon on TV. Can you record it?

We sure can…. and don’t sleep on this stuff because talk shows, late night appearances, basically anything that airs live is especially hard to source AFTER it airs. Oh, and dealing with networks on this stuff is a slow painful process that almost always ends with the words “no” and “sorry” being used in an email reply.

My clips are on YouTube. Can I send you links?

Let’s call YouTube a last resort.  YouTube uses a nasty compression algorithm (they want all those cat videos you watch on your phone to load quickly) that really jacks the quality of video.  It’s that whole garbage in garbage out theory.  If you are hiring us to edit, best practice is to email whoever created the video that you want off YouTube and ask them if you can get an uncompressed HD copy of it.  People are mostly nice and will typically help out.

Why should I choose LA MediaWorks?

Simply put… we care. Our boutique hands-on approach and attention to detail removes the friction and actually makes the process enjoyable. Our previous clients are proof that casting directors and decision makers actually watch reels that are well constructed and play without hassle across any consumption device.