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Putting together a great demo reel takes creativity, time, and effort.  If you’ve ever been forced to be creative on a deadline, it is tough stuff.  We get calls from clients who have been putting off working on their demo for months (or more!)  The story is familiar… people are busy juggling personal and professional commitments when they have jobs, and being prepared to get the next project isn’t always top of mind.

Getting a job in Hollywood is often a “what have you done for me lately” proposition.  Your reps want to sell you on your most recent work, and all projects (including reels) have scheduling challenges, so it’s always good to be working ahead to have the proper tools in place at the proper time.

My advice is very simple.  The best time to work on your demo reel is while you are working!  This isn’t simply so we have more time to craft the perfect reel for you (although more time never hurts), it’s because a cohesive and entertaining piece of tape from inception, to iteration, to the final approval from representation and trusted industry professionals doesn’t happen overnight.

We’ve created awesome reels under challenging time constraints, but jobs come up when you least expect them.  The Roman philosopher Seneca is noted as saying “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”… so be prepared!