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Bill Sage

The best thing about Marc is you're working with a fellow artist. You are getting a work of art, and not just a demo reel.

Barret Swatek

“From our initial conversation to the final product, I felt like I was in the best hands… and I couldn’t be happier with the final product!”

Brooke Lyons

Sizzle Reel

Evan Handler

Californication Sizzle

Nadine Velazquez

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Diora Baird

"Working with Marc is just plain easy. He's such a pro that for once I don't have to oversee every little decision. I pretty much trust him to do what he feels best and it’s always so right on."

Anthony Anderson

Sizzle Reel

Philip Winchester

Sizzle Reel

AAHH Fest 2014

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Brand Sizzle

Harry Shearer

Career Retrospective

Isabel Lucas

"Marc is a first class editor. He is friendly, patient and professional, time efficient and his final product is simply brilliant."

Daniel Stern

"Marc is an excellent filmmaker in his own right, having brought a coherence to my body of work that I never could have done on my own.”

Ralph Macchio

"Working with Marc was both collaborative and inspirational. He is the "go-to" guy in his field. Smart choices, creative instincts and a great listener."

Stephanie Szostak

Sizzle Reel

Brooklyn Decker

Publicity Sizzle

Camilla Belle

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Ethan Suplee

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Paula Patton

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